The 365 signature skin resurfacing is an adaptable facial treatment that addresses the skin's needs using specific active formulations.



How does the treatment work?

The 365 resurfacing is the entry level to our advanced resurfacing treatments. A combination of acids are used to work on a wide range of skin conditions. A professional treatment that delivers a dual-approach to hydration and resurfacing incorporating active serums, massage and a face mask to give superior results.

What can be achieved?

This treatment can be used to achieve firmer, brighter skin, radiance, rejuvenation, hydration, pore size reduction and improved skin texture through the different combinations and techniques.

Am I suitable for treatment?

All skin types I-VI are suitable for treatment.


Is there any down time?

This is minimal, slight redness may occur immediately post treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

A visible result can be achieved from a single treatment


Post treatment advice

pHformula homecare can be used to enhance the overall results and assist in post-treatment healing. A daily SPF is essential to protect the skin from UV radiation and prevent further damage.