A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin. Results are often instantaneous, pleasing and life enhancing.

Treatable Skin Blemishes

Skin Tags

Skin tags are most frequently found on the face, neck, underarms, under the breast area and groin.

Before treatment                                       After 4 months

Before treatment                                       After treatment                                         Warts Before

Seborrhoeic Keratosis / warts (Benign Cutaneous Tumours)

Benign pigmented, raised oval shaped lesions, tend to feel dry and itchy. Located primarily on the hairline, back and the midriff, if scratched will lift off then regrow, respond well to treatment, permanent results.

Before treatment                                          4 weeks After 1 treatment 

Sebaceous Cysts (Steatoma)

ACP works well in small sebaceous cysts, particularly on the face, releasing the contents and destroying the wall, the cyst will reduce or disappear. If it does not completely disappear, a second or third treatment may be necessary. 

Large cysts may require surgical excision.

Before treatment                                          After 1 treatment                                     After 4 months

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Found primarily on the cheeks and forehead, singly or in clusters , easily treated. Soft creamy small doughnut in shape. Corrective and preventative pHformula skin care works well.

Blood Spots

Known as Campbell de Morgans’ and Cherry Haemangiomas, these are found in clusters primarily on the torso, may be treated swiftly and with minimum discomfort using IPL (See Vascular) or ACP.

Before treatment                                          After 1 treatment                                     After 4 months

Spider Naevi

may be treated swiftly and with minimum discomfort using IPL (See Vascular) or ACP.

Before treatment                                         Immediately after treatment                                     After 4 months


Yellow clusters located at the inner corners above or below the eye and can be removed very effectively with ACP, upto three sessions may be necessary to gain complete clearance depending on the depth and size of the lesion.

Before treatment                                         After 2 treatments                                     After 4 months


Corrective skin care and pHformula eye treatment with mesotherapy can assist in preventing the formation of these annoying lesions as can fraxelated laser in the form of the Harmony Pixel.

Before treatment                                         After 2 treatments                                     After 4 months

Verrucae / Warts

In our experience ACP is the most effective treatment in existence. Often clients will present with these and have often ‘messed’ about with them before ACP treatment so they may take more than one treatment but the results are usually 100%.

Before treatment                                       After treatment                                         Warts Before

Before treatment                                       After 7 treatments

Milia (Whiteheads)

Respond well to ACP, found in all age groups pHformula corrective and preventative skin care recommended

Other Blemishes/ unsightly skin lesions

There are many more that can be treated using the electrolysis technique. This is the most efficient way to remove those that don’t interfere with your health but really annoy you.

How does the treatment work?

This is the complete removal of unwanted benign and vascular lesions using a fine disposable sterile needle inserted into a probe that in turn is attached to a shortwave diathermy unit. Heat is created and the complete lesion is lifted off or reduced in size and any remaining blood supply is quickly and neatly sealed off to ensure complete removal or destruction of the lesion with minimal skin tissue damage. A review is then booked 6-8 weeks after treatment, pre and post photos are always taken for reference. The needle is then disposed of in a 'sharps' box.

This method in our experience having worked with both is far superior to the use of the cryotherapy procedures.

What does the treatment feel like?

A slight pinprick of heat, the discomfort is determind on the type of lesion, where it is located and the size.

Am I suitable for treatment?

The treatment is suitable for most people. 

Is there any down time?

Downtime is determined by the type of lesion to be treated and the location.

How many treatments will I need?

Most lesions only require one treatment however verrucae need multiple treatments.