Body skin is all too often overlooked when it comes to the daily beauty regime. Some of us simply don't have time for all that scrubbing, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. When we have work to do and families to look after, time can be precious and skin-care often has to take a backseat. 


  • Traditional Body Massage

  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

  • Lymph Drainage with Vacuum Suction

  • Wraps with Essential Oils or Seaweeds

Holistic Health

The aim of all the holistic health treatments is to assist the mind and body in coping with the everyday stresses of modern life. Courses of treatment are recommended to optimise the benefits, we recommend from four to eight treatments, starting weekly for the first four then two, three and four weeks apart.

  • Aromatherapy

  • HOPI Ear Candling

  • Reflexology

  • Vacuum Suction for General Health

Traditional Facial Treatments

Nothing is worse than heading out to work and feeling the dry cold on your face. But there are a wide variety of facial treatments for men and women available that can alleviate your suffering.

Facial Treatments

  • Traditional French Facial

  • Lymph Drainage with Vacuum Suction

  • Hydro Dermabrasion