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Aromatherapy Associates

Forever Green Triangle 

Glide into a glittering Wintertide serenity with Mother Nature’s calming and cleansing elixirs of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Combined in Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil, this unique blend will decongest your mind and body. The perfect token of gratitude for your dearest colleague, favourite neighbour or your child’s most supportive teacher, or to keep for a treat for yourself, Forever Evergreen will beautify any Christmas tree and bring the fragrances of the forest inside for the season

Contents: Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil 9ml



Seasonal Saviours Triangle Trio Collection

Transform your bathing experience from day to night with the help of this carefully curated trio of award-winning Bath & Shower Oils. 100% natural, hand-blended fragrant essential oils provide unique benefits to bring confidence, calm and composure to your daily routine.

Contents: De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil 9ml, Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil 9ml, Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil 9ml


Serene Sleep Collection         

Transform your bathing experience from day to night with the help of this carefully curated trio of award-winning Bath & Shower Oils. 100% natural, hand-blended fragrant essential oils provide unique benefits to bring confidence, calm and composure to your daily routine.


Contents: De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil 9ml, Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil 9ml, Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil 9ml


Deep Relax Sleep Mist 50ml and 10ml

Prepare for your best night’s sleep with our calming and comforting Deep Relax Sleep Mist. Our highly efficacious, hand-crafted blend includes grounding Vetivert, soothing Camomile and relaxing Sandalwood pure essential oils to help shrug off daily fatigue, slow a racing mind and prepare you for undisturbed, restorative sleep.

£28.00 and £18.00

Forest Therapy Sleep Mist 10ml        

Return to your roots and reconnect with the great outdoors to discover the restorative and emotionally healing benefits of Forest Therapy, a practice inspired by the Japanese art of “Shinrin-Yoku” – spending time in nature amongst the trees. Our complex, hand-crafted essential oil blend of Pink Pepper, Cypress, Ho Wood and Juniper Berry immerses your senses in a caring and emotionally healing experience


Relax & Sleep Edit 

Prepare yourself for a deep and peaceful night’s sleep with our 5 step Relax & Sleep Edit. Infused with a natural and powerful essential blend of calming oils to soothe skin, comfort muscles and balance the senses. 

A curated collection which can be incorporated easily into your evening routine, our Relax & Sleep Edit is perfectly sized for travel, ensuring excellent sleep wherever you go. 

  • 1 x Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil 9ml
  • 1 x Relax Body Wash 40ml
  • 1 x Deep Relax Roller Ball 10ml
  • 1x De-Stress Muscle Gel 40ml
  • 1x Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil 3ml
Renew & Nourish Edit 

The nurturing power of the prized Rose essential oil is celebrated in this hand-picked edit. Balancing and uplifting Renewing Rose Body Wash gently cleanses skin, while Renewing Rose Body Gel hydrates and softens. Renewing Rose Body Cream enhances the restorative ritual as it nourishes. Our innovative Hydrosol Sheet Mask plumps and deeply hydrates. Finish by pressing on our Revitalising Face Oil to rejuvenate and renew your senses and skin.

  • 1x Renewing Rose Body Wash 40ml
  • 1x Renewing Rose Hydrating Body Gel 40ml 
  • 1x Renewing Rose Body Cream 40ml
  • 2x Hydrosol Sheet Mask 
  • 1x Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil 3ml
Revive & Reset Edit 

Awaken your mind and body in the morning and enjoy new-found energy at the end of the day with our Revive & Reset Edit. Infused with invigorating and naturally reviving essential oils, our expertly crafted blends help to revitalise, restore confidence and uplift spirits. Specially formulated with a powerful combination of essential oils including Grapefruit, Juniper Berry and Rosemary, reach for our 5-step edit for an energising pick-me-up that you deserve.

  • 1x Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil 9ml
  • 1x Revive Body Wash 40ml 
  • 1x Revive Morning Rollerball 10ml
  • 1x Revive Body Gel 40ml
  • 1x Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil 3ml


Support & Travel Edit

Connect with the power of essential oils even when away from home. This specially curated edit is packed with travel-friendly therapies to ensure comfort and reassurance. Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil soothes overheated skin and calms your system. Support Breathe Roller Ball eases the effects of stuffy environments while De-Stress Muscle Gel soothes a travel weary body. Our Hydrosol Sheet Mask plumps fatigued skin before finishing with Intensive Skin Treatment Oil to rejuvenate and protect.


Support Breathe Essence 10ml

Make wellbeing on-the-go simple with the pure essential oil blend in our Support Breathe Essence. The finest Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree oils offer clearing relief, and soothe stuffiness for anytime, anywhere comfort.


Relax Room Fragrance 10ml

Create a mood-influencing environment with the peaceful and soothing essential oil blend in our Relax Room Fragrance. Warming notes of West Indian Bay mingle with balancing, floral notes of Geranium and the grounding, earthiness of Myrrh to make any zone in your home a tranquil space after a long day.


Relax Candle

Create a restful and welcoming ambiance at home. Transform your surroundings into a haven of calm and serenity with this exquisitely fragranced candle, infused with West Indian Bay and Myrrh essential oils. Elegantly designed and beautifully embellished, this candle will create the perfect relaxing ambiance in any room. Aromatherapy Associates' candles are hand-poured in the United Kingdom and made from the highest quality soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks.


Miniature Bath & Shower Collection

Experience a new mood at bath or shower time with each of these hand-selected oils. The ultimate gift or travel companion.


Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection

Whether you are a devotee or newcomer to the power of aromatherapy, the Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection is a perfect introduction to our transformative essential oil blends. Crafted with care and love, our Bath & Shower Oils feature only the purest, most ethically viable, natural, raw ingredients. With this wardrobe of oils, create a deeply beneficial at-home spa experience or take your aromatherapy must-haves with you wherever you travel.



Payot Discover cracker face and body

The upholstery moisturizer is ideal for normal to dry skin. A silky, satin-like cream that delicately blends with the skin for 24 hours for intensive hydration and a direct, permanently pleasant skin feel.

The beauty care starts in the morning with My Payot JOUR. This refreshing day cream blends with the skin and gives it a radiant look and optimal moisture in no time. All fatigue is wiped away, the complexion looks youthful and full of vitality.

Peeling cream with pistachio and almond extracts. The formula with micro-grains ensures a pleasurable exfoliation.

With its oil-free, creamy texture and hydro-dermo regulation system, this protective care ensures a continuous hydration so that the epidermis is always optimally moisturized. For a firm, youthful body skin.


Payot Body Élixir Duo set

This set includes the Creme Sublime Elixir which intensely nourishes, firms and enhances the body. Its meltingly-soft cream-in-oil texture with intoxicating myrrh and amyris notes immediately smooths the skin, leaving it infinitely softer and delicately perfumed. And the Huile De Douche which is delicately-scented, relaxing body oil cleanser, formulated with jasmine & white tea extracts for relaxing & soothing properties.


Facial Gym Roller



Lash Perfecting Gift

Cleanse, condition and define your lashes with this limited edition collection. Kit includes Revitalash 3.5ml, Mini-Double Ended Volume Set 2.5mlx2 and Micellar Water Lash Wash 30ml






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