Rosacea and Acne Rosacea treatments without soreness or disruptive downtime

Erythematotelangiectic type rosacea (ETR) is the most common type of rosacea featuring persistent skin redness of the nose or chin. Easily irritated skin that often stings or burns can be accompanied with visible telangiectasia, the latter will often respond well to IPL vascular treatment as does Papulopustular rosacea (PPR).


The results our rosacea clients have been achieving with the pHformula home care products have exceeded all expectations even more so when used in conjunction with the Clinical Resurfacing treatment. Products and resurfacing are suitable for all sufferers and age groups. The most exciting element is that a constructive difference is immediately visible and that you are actively involved in the success of your treatment.


 At home you work with the pHformula home care routine


  • E.X.F.O. Cleanse use morning and night

  • A.C.T.I.V.E. initially use morning and night if suffering from chronic rosacea or night only to reduce or maintain the integrity of healthy skin.

  • C.R. Active Recovery use morning only if using A.C.T.I.VE. at night

  • Complete your corrective work with the most amazing Colour Corrective SPF 30, which conceals, light reflects, helps heal with vitamin C and no need for makeup!

  • Alternatively use the lightweight pHformula SPF 30 or 50 every morning, suitable for all skins.

At the Clinic

You will experience the most amazingly gentle yet successful rosacea treatment.

The resurfacing treatment works with the pHformula C.R. 1 complex which targets the factors that trigger chronic redness and sensitivity. The ingredients assist in correcting microbial activity, preventing relapses and reducing inflammation.








How does the treatment work?

The pioneering delivery system allows the products to penetrate deeper into the skin without unnecessary irritation to create long lasting change.

What can be achieved?

  • Self confidence improves

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces redness

  • Improves cellular turnover

  • Strengthens the capillary walls

  • Smoother skin texture

  • Clearer, brighter, light reflecting skin

  • Suppleness

Am I suitable for treatment?

  • Sensitive

  • Irritation

  • Rosacea

  • Redness

  • Acne Rosacea

  • Dilated Capillaries

  • Telengiectasia

Is there any down time?

Minimal visible downtime and no post procedure discomfort.

Recommended Supplementary Purchase

Don’t wish to top up with cream? Keep a Susan Posnick ‘’Brush on Block’ loose mineral Factor 30 in the car or bag, suitable for all ages and skin types, mens bald spots, baby’s skin, face, arms and backs of hands while driving.

Before treatment                                                                  After 6 treatments                              

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