The Mesoresurfacing treatments were designed to create microscopic channels stimulating the natural defences to repair and produce collagen and proteins to the treated areas.

The pHformula actives are applied to the skin afterwards to ensure effective absorption and superior stimulation.

How does the treatment work?

The micro needling device is used to create microscopic channels in the skin allowing the unique pHformula M.E.S.O. glow solution to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. The combination of specific acids, retinol, vitamin C and peptides target skin concerns such as fine lines, uneven skin texture, pigmentation and lack of radiance. The treatment includes full face, neck and décolleté with special focus on specific problem areas like the delicate eye area and around the mouth.

What can be achieved?

Superficial scars are smoothed, pigmentation and fine lines can be reduced and the skin is strengthened.

Am I suitable for treatment?

All skin types I-VI are suitable for treatment.


Is there any down time?

This is minimal, the skin may appear red immediately post treatment and some mild flaking and tightness can be experienced as the skin naturally renews and repairs.

How many treatments will I need?

Immediate visible results can be achieved after one treatment leaving the skin radiant, firm, smooth and well hydrated.


Post Treatment Advice

pHformula homecare can be used to enhance the overall results and assist in post-treatment healing. A daily SPF is essential to protect the skin from UV radiation and prevent further damage.

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