Easter DIY Treat, Home Facial Time!

This is the ideal time to focus on Hydration for both the face and eyes in the form of the CACI 'HYDRO MASK' (single use) for intensive skin hydration (there is enough product in the pack to treat the neck also), the ' CACI HYDRO EYE MASK' (single use), both can be combined with the roller movements of the Payot Revitalizing Facial Roller (this can be used over the masks whilst they are on the face and daily straight on the skin to give muscle tone and lift now you have the time!) maintain with the CACI Eye Revive Serum, full of tightening peptides, apply every morning.

My Easter Treat price is £65.00 delivered (saving £15.00 and free P&P)

I know some of my clients already have the Payot Roller so the price for the CACI package is just £50.00 all inclusive. Whilst stocks last.


If you are not too far away I'm happy to do a drop off delivery service if require, naturally at a 2 metre distance.


SUN SCREEN, the sun is out, please reapply your factors 30/50 regularly, check your cupboard and let me know if you need to replenish.