Waterproof Your Skin

Did you know despite the rain you still need to protect your skin from those harmful UVA, UVB and hidden infra-red rays?

Don't want to use a cream or lotion, in too much of a rush to get ready for work!

Make up already in place and forgot the SPF, not to worry Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral powder providing SPF 30 cover can go on top of all your make up providing extra protection without hassle.

Brush on block

Neatly packaged with it's own brush, completely refillable and now available with a slight hint of colour....The Perfect Solution to a rainy day

Priced at only £28.50

Refills available at £15.00

A Christine Clarke Clinic Regular registered with our rewards scheme?

Check with Sophie on reception and there may be one waiting for you absolutely free!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the kiss of soft summer rain gently hydrating your skin.

PS. Don't forget to hydrate internally too and drink lots of water, just take sips regularly throughout the day.

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