Another Beautiful Sheffield Day!

Today was the ideal day to protect my skin with pHformula Vitamin C serum, Post Recovery for hydration following an IPL photorejuvenation treatment I gave myself last night, topped with Heliocare SP factor 90.

What an amazing product, light in texture, skin coloured, perfect for everyday wear and especially great if being sporty (which I was an hour of tennis later) as it doesn't get moved by perspiration, which it didn't. :-))

Suitable for guys too, retailing at just £25.00 contains about 3 months supply

Why the IPL photorejuvenation I can hear you ask!

Simply I need to practise what I preach and it's an amazing treatment that ticks so many boxes

Broken capillaries

Surface Pigmentation

Collagen/elastin tightening


Are all treated in one cutting edge treatment (4-6 sessions, 4 weeks apart recommended)

Immediate glow factor and visible lift

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