Tattoo Removal: What We Can Achieve!

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent times and are commonly considered to be permanent. However it is now possible to remove unwanted tattoos either fully or partially with the help of a professional laser technician.

The equipment we work with is Lynton Q-Switched Laser, considered by dermatologists to be the most safe, reliable and effective way to remove tattoos with consistent predictable results. The laser generates a short pulse of high powered laser light which is absorbed by the ink particles, breaking them down into smaller pieces and enabling the body's natural immune defences to absorb and disperse the ink.

The sensation during treatment is expressed by most as mildly uncomfortable but tolerable and described as a feeling similar to a hot pin prick. With that in mind, removing that unwanted tattoo could be easier than you thought!

The process of tattoo removal is a gradual one, but over a series of treatments we can achieve spectacular results! Below are treatment photos from a very satisfied client who came in for treatment number 9 last week to tackle the last few bits.

If you're interested in having tattoo removal treatment, book a consultation and test patch at Christine Clarke Clinic today.

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