Winter Skin Survival

Our skin goes through a lot this time of year as the temperature drops and we face those dry, icy winds that have us wrapped up from head to toe. But don’t let freezing winter weather play havoc with your skin, we have prepared a Winter Skin Survival Kit of our favourite tried and tested hard working pHformula products to keep you smooth and hydrated right through to spring!

1 - EXFO Cleanse - £29.50 100ml

A build up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface can result in a dull, lacklustre complexion and cause skin to appear older than it is. That’s why we wouldn’t want to be without our EXFO Cleanse which assists in loosening rough keratinised cells and gently removes make up and impurities. It also contains Vitamin B5 which has calming and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being an excellent hydrating agent, perfect for sensitive Winter skin.

2 - SOS Rescue Cream - £49.50 50ml

Barrier function is one of the most important aspects of healthy skin and can become damaged from influences such as harsh weather and chemical irritants. A compromised barrier function can lead to breakouts, dehydration, sensitisation and premature ageing. The SOS Rescue Cream is a rich moisturising cream which forms a shield on the skin’s surface to protect against environmental influences like exposure to extreme temperatures whilst vitamin E and urea provide superior healing benefits.

3 - POWER Essence Tonic - £31.50 75ml

Just 2 sprays of this tonic are all it takes to deliver the unique combination of powerful ingredients that leave your skin feeling firm, hydrated and refreshed. It also has a defence complex that works as a free radical scavenger protecting skin all day long.

4 - SOS Lip Rescue - £28.00 7ml

The delicate lip area is often the first to feel the unforgiving forces of winter. For instant healing and to keep lips from becoming sore and chapped we use SOS Lip Rescue, a medicated balm with multitasking ingredients that soothe and repair when you need it most.

So there you have it, four winter essentials to get you through the party season confident and glowing!

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